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"I am running for Senate because we need a better deal for Long Island."
Carmen J. Pineyro
In our journey towards a more inclusive and representative political landscape, supporting Carmen, a dynamic Afro Latina American politician, is not just an endorsement; it's an investment in empowering our community. Here are compelling reasons why you should rally behind her.
Gun Violence and Other Crimes
Carmen will fight for stronger laws to go after guns and those who use them to cause harm in our communities.
Quality, Affordable Healthcare
Everyone deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare, including women’s reproductive healthcare.
Supporting Homeowners and Tenants
With runaway property taxes and utility bills, It has become increasingly difficult to live on Long Island. Carmen will fight for property tax relief for Long Island homeowner and support tenants.
Small Businesses
As the owner of a hair salon, Carmen knows, first-hand, the challenges faced by small businesses. She will work to cut red tape and remove obstacles facing small businesses.
Increased funding for schools
As a former president of the Freeport Board of Education and as a public-school mom, Carmen gets the importance of supporting our schools. She will fight for Long Island to receive its fair share of education aid and work with educators and parents to help our students succeed.
Ensuring safety for our communities
Ensuring the safety of our communities is paramount for fostering a vibrant and harmonious environment.
Protecting our Environment
Protecting the environment is a shared responsibility that requires a concerted effort for the residents, businesses, and policymakers. This includes our state government’s responsibility to take more aggressive action on climate change.
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Who is

Carmen J. Pineyro?

Carmen's journey is truly inspiring. As a first-generation American growing up on Long Island, she faced many challenges. She put herself through

college and started a small business. She volunteered hundreds of hours in the community and established herself as a community leader, all the while raising a family of her own.


Carmen’s experiences shaped her into a resilient and compassionate individual, dedicated to fostering positive change within her community.


Carmen knows that the 6th Senatorial District belongs to diverse communities. But there’s one thing we all have in
common: We work hard. And we
deserve to thrive, not just survive on Long Island. Carmen has the experience,
energy, and independence to best
represent this district.

1)- Small Business Owner
2)- Lacrosse Mom
3)- Community Leader
4)- Champion for Long Islanders
5)- Changemaker

The Experience to Deliver Change

Your Vote Will Matter!

As a former Deputy Mayor in Freeport Village and President of the Freeport Board of Education, Carmen knows how government works. As a small business owner and a mother, she understands why it needs change.

Proven Community Advocate:

Carmen has a track record of tireless advocacy for our community. From spearheading local initiatives to improve neighborhood facilities to championing the cause of those often overlooked, Carmen's commitment is unmatched.

Small Business Owner:

As a small business owner and professional in the financial services sector, Carmen brings a pragmatic and business-savvy approach to the table. She knows the importance of cutting through red tape to help businesses grow and create jobs.

Champion for Education:

Carmen understands the transformative power of education. She is a product of Long Island public schools and now prides herself on being a public-school mom. During her successful tenure on the Freeport Board of Education, the school district was recognized for many improvements and earned one of its highest bond ratings.

Steward of the Environment:

Carmen is a strong advocate for a cleaner and greener community. With a clear commitment to environmental sustainability, she will work towards policies that protect our natural resources and promote a healthier environment for generations to come.

Quality, Affordable Healthcare:

In times of crisis, Carmen has stood by our healthcare workers and prioritized public health. She will continue to fight for quality, affordable healthcare for Long Islanders.

Community Safety and Collaboration:

Carmen recognizes the importance of a strong relationship between the community and law enforcement. Her approach to public safety is both pragmatic and community-oriented, ensuring the safety and well-being of every resident.

Advocate for Youth and Diversity:

Carmen actively engages with and supports the youth in our community. Her inclusive approach resonates with our diverse population, and she is committed to representing the unique needs of everyone in our community. She is a long-time member of the NAACP and the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and she has often served as a bridge that unites our communities.

Your vote for Carmen is a vote for a leader who listens, understands, and works tirelessly to make our community a better place for everyone. On 25th June 2024, let's unite behind Carmen for positive change!

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Let's Stand Together

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At the heart of every successful campaign are dedicated individuals who believe in making a difference. By joining our team, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our community.

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At the heart of every successful campaign are dedicated individuals who believe in making a difference. By joining our team, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our community. Here's why your involvement matters:


A Better Deal for Long Island

Carmen has a track record of exemplary leadership in various community initiatives. Her unwavering commitment to the well-being of our district and her tireless advocacy for the issues that matter most to us showcase her dedication to public service.

Your contribution would make a difference !


We're thrilled to connect with you. Whether you have questions, feedback, or you want to join the campaign, we're here to assist you.

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