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About "Carmen J. Pineyro"

Carmen Pineyro, born in the Dominican Republic on February 14, 1976, is a first-generation individual who entered the United States at the age of 12, residing in Freeport, NY. She attended the Freeport public school system, initially placed in the English Language Learners program but mastered English within six months, excelling academically. Later, Carmen attended Loyola University on a sports scholarship and graduated with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Spanish. Returning to Freeport after graduation, she became a full-time lacrosse coach, garnering community support and eventually running for the Freeport Board of Education in 2002. Carmen made history as the first youngest Afro-Latina elected to the Freeport Board of Education. During her tenure, she addressed academic deficiencies, especially among English Language Learners, resulting in improved scores. Recognizing the need for increased parent engagement, Carmen implemented flexible meeting times, including mornings, late afternoons, evenings, and even Sundays. In 2004, Carmen was elected President of the Freeport School Board. Under her leadership, the board translated registration documents into Spanish, benefiting the growing Latino community. The district received high marks in a state audit, and Carmen earned the Master of Boardmanship Award from the New York State School Board Association. Becoming a homeowner in 2004 and a small business owner around 2007 in Freeport, Carmen observed the lack of representation for Latinos and addressed community issues such as the injustices caused by the building department to the community, lack of road maintenance and taxpayers money misappropriated. In 2009, she became the first Afro-Latina elected to the Freeport Village Board of Trustees. Carmen prioritized child safety by voting for registered sex offenders to be prohibited to reside in close proximity to places where children are likely to congregate to reduce the opportunity of temptation and minimize the risk for repeated acts against minors in the Village of Freeport. As Deputy Mayor, she engaged in various community initiatives to help the community. Active in community and civic organizations, Carmen focuses on Minority Affairs, Women’s Issues, Immigrant Concerns, and Youth & Sports. Privately, she serves as the Chief Compliance Officer for United Northern Mortgage Bankers, Ltd., and is the chief mother of three teens actively involved in church and community activities.

Serving the community for the last 20 years.
  • I have been a devoted public servant, mother and business owner.
  • The First and youngest Afro-Latina elected to the Freeport Board of Education and Freeport Village Board of Trustees
  • I have been involved in numerous community and civic organizations focusing on Minority Affairs, Women’s Issues, Immigrant Concerns, and Youth & Sports.
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